1993 Toyota Supra Turbo 6speed hardtop 580WHP

It made 580WHP at 20psi on pump

VIN: JT2JA82L9P0006924

Built 3.0 Longblock, including rear sump pans and valve covers

-Carillo HD rods w/arp bolts

-JE 9:1 pistons

-ACL H race bearings

-ARP L19 Headstuds

-ARP Mainstuds

-TRD motor mounts

-Oil Pump

-Water Pump

-PHR Black Cam Gears

-ATI crank pulley

-PHR radiator pipe(black)(new)

-Tial BOV (new)

-PHR breather kit w/ -12 lines(new)

-HKS Carbon Ti exhaust (new)

-additional 4inch straight pipe exhaust

-TRD Stu Replica Tachometer (new)

VWR Intake Manifold

-Plenum with lower runners

-90mm Accufab TB

-Throttle cable

-Modified PS resevoir

Fuel System:

-PHR triple hanger with triple 485’s (hanger and pumps brand new)

-Dual brand new E85 safe -8 feed lines to each end of rail, seperate filters

– 8AN return

-Weldon FPR

-FIC fuel rail

-FIC 2150cc injectors


-128 Box

-6spd Patch harness

-Dialog in Dash display

-MAP, Fuel pressure, oil pressure, IAT, Boost solenoid, Flex Fuel, IBoost switch, wideband sensors all included

Turbo Kit

-HKS twin scroll manifold

-PTE 6466 BB turbo

-Tial 44mm wg w/ dump (brand new)

-4″ DP/MP with all vband clamps

-Oil feed/return lines

-Brand new ETS 4 inch intercooler

-Brand new PHR IC piping (powder coated black)

-V160 70k miles? (Bought from Danny Morales)

-RPS Triple Carbon (less than 500 miles, also bought from Dan)

-DriveshaftShop driveshaft

-New Welds

-Engine bay painted

Brand new headlights, fenders, bumper, interior panels bought from dealer and tons of other misc OEM parts. (I have $7k in receipts from the dealer alone.

Check it out!