2017 Mustang Shelby GT350 Twin Turbo 835HP

Hopefully you enjoyed the 8 videos above. I JUST LOWERED THE PRICE TO $99,999 TO SELL IMMEDIATELY. This is a a $30K drop from what I originally listed it for and a $10K from this month. Please enjoy the 160+ pictures, including the immaculate underside below the description and please take the time to read the full description and view all the detailed pictures. If you are unable to view the 160+ pictures below the description, please message me!! Car is museum quality from top to bottom and will annihilate any other vehicle on the road costing 3X the price.


Car is brand new and was special ordered by me. It has never been registered, so you will be the first owner on record and warranty will start from Ford when registered. It was a VIP show prep unit which had extra attention to detail and more clear coat and paint through out at the factory. Car was built by my shop for SEMA and has the best of everything. It is museum quality. No expenses were spared. It was built with an open wallet to be the best of the best and perfectly balanced. Over $60K in extras to take an incredible car and make it a PERFECT car. Rare 2017 Only Grabber Blue. Factory paint was color sanded and buffed to perfection at a cost of $3K, then $8K of X-Pel Utimate self healing clear bra was applied to entire front bumper, rear bumper, rockers, entire hood, entire roof, entire fenders, and on all the $10K+ of custom GT350R carbon fiber parts on this car. Windows were also tinted with X-pel tint. $23K in parts/labor for custom built dual Comp Turbo Triplex oil-less 6262 turbos with all TIG welded stainless steel intercooler behind front bumper and mandrel bent stainless steel piping. Custom TIG welded stainless steel headers also. Has a Tial blow off valve that gives a nice whoosh when you back off throttle. Very well planned and engineered. Nothing rubs, leaks, or vibrates, and it is tuned to perfection by Jon Lund with his N-Gauge which is included with the sale. There is no turbo lag at all and car has the street manners of a stock car until you punch it, then it is a beast. It is breathtaking as to how fast it is!!! 835HP on 91 octane pump gas with a very safe tune. Capable of much more, but I wanted it to maintain stock like street manners when driving normally with zero issues of reliability. Took a huge amount of tuning to get perfected, but it truly is the cream of the crop now. All factory Ford electronics still function as intended including cockpit adjustable suspension, steering and duel mode exhaust. Everything is completely sorted on this car so you don’t have to do a thing. Nothing leaks or seeps. Hop in and drive this anywhere!. Car was built to be the best balance of power, handling, comfort, durability, sound, braking, and looks. Seriously, you could not build this car yourself for what I am selling it for. It is the best of the best from top to bottom. You will not find a nicer or faster car for under $200K that will do what this car will do. $10K in Gary Disney Designer Auto Connolly leather and Alcantera insert interior to replace the low end seat upholstery, shift boot, parking brake boot, console pad, floor mats, and trunk underside pad that Ford puts on these cars. There is another $4K in hydrocarbon appointments on several interior trim pieces. $2K in custom engraved engine caps and painted to match Grabber Blue with red Brembo letter calipers. Buy It Now for $99,999 (reduced $30K from $129,999 to sell fast!!) and I will pay for the cost of ENCLOSED to your door shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states, or up to $1000 towards the cost of a plane ticket for you to fly out and drive this beauty home and enjoy a little vacation in sunny, warm Palm Springs, CA that averages 95 degrees during the month of June. Partial trades and cash also considered. Whom ever hits Buy it Now, get this beautiful, needs nothing, 2017 Twin Turbo GT350 with $60K in extras and FREE shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states or $1000 towards the cost of a plane ticket from anywhere. No loans or liens on this car either for an easy sale. Partial TRADES also considered + cash. Don’t miss out and regret it later, you will never find another car this fast and incredible! 0-60 in 2.5 seconds, quarter mile in the mid 10”s, 3300 lbs, cold A/C, power rack and pinion steering, 4 wheel power disc brakes, power windows, power locks, alarm, Navigation, 8 speaker sound system, Bluetooth, HD Radio, Sirius Satellite Radio, back up camera, all amenities, comfort, and 25+ MPG!!! This is having your cake, eating it, and getting to brag about it. This car is the ULTIMATE sleeper. No one expects it to be as incredibly fast as it is. Annihilate any Hellcat, Super Snake, Saleen, Corvette ZR1 or Z06, Hennessey, Roush, GT500, Saleen, CTS-V, Dodge Demon, or AMG Mercedes you come across. All while sounding stock when exhaust is in quiet mode. When exhaust is in loud mode it sounds like a Jet!! No corners cut….this one has it all and can be driven everyday if you choose to. Everything is well sorted. Engine was properly broken in for 200 miles with no over 5000 RPM driving, varied speeds then its first oil change, then 1000 light miles put on it, then the turbo system and other upgrades done. Car is started at least every 2 weeks, let get up to operating temperature, then driven for a mile or two. Car is ready to drive, show, race, cross country trip, or what ever you choose to do with it.

Thank you for viewing my auction. After being disappointed by all the ratty collectible vehicles that may look good, but perform terribly out there and looking at this one, please feel free to message me. This car is the ultimate from top to bottom!! This is a Buy It Now auction and it will sell and you will not find another like it for such a great price with so many great. tasteful, functional, upgrades, such low mileage, and OCD maintenance since delivered. Most of my vehicles end up selling before listing ends due to time on the Buy It Now where you get it immediately!! No document fees or taxes collected by me. Don’t miss out, this incredible Shelby will sell, hopefully to you. Paint looks wet when it is dry. Look at the refection’s in the paint in my pictures below. It looks, starts, runs, smells, and drives like new. Car stays cool even on 120 degree Palm Springs summer days with the A/C on!! Suspension and steering is tight with no wandering or looseness, no clunks when going over bumps, brakes stop on a dime, immaculate interior and underside. Never eaten in, smoked in, spilled in, or interior soiled, and even still smells like new. plastic is still on carpet under floor mats and original floor mats and owner’s manual and supplements have never been opened. No worn down seat upholstery or foam here. Not even any wrinkles on the seats. A great amount of time was spent fitting everything to perfection so that the interior feels an looks like an expensive Italian Supercar. Why wait for the 2020 GT500 that will cost more with all options, the dealers will sell for $20K+ over sticker, it is only available with an automatic and is not nearly as fast as this car is!! No pets or young children have ever been in it. There is not a nicer, Shelby available. I can honestly say that, because there are none other like this car anywhere for sale. Look around, you’ll waste a great deal of time and then see what I am talking about. If you want a project, please buy one, as this is not it. Please take the time to allow the 160+ detailed photos to load, it IS WELL WORTH the wait, and PLEASE read the entire description before asking questions (I know it is long, but I wanted to cover all bases) If you are serious, I know you will read every word, and look at every picture in detail. This is the type of person I am looking for, for a quick and easy sale. I am very easy to deal with. Feel free to message me for my phone number or send me yours and we can discuss every aspect of this amazing Shelby. This car is priced for a quick sale to the discriminating enthusiast/collector that appreciates all the details, cleanliness, and correctness of a MINT Shelby. Everything correct on this car for both finish and function, so you don’t have to do a thing. Ready to show, play, collect, or to just enjoy immediately. Perfect advertising vehicle for your business too and can even be a tax write-off if used as such. Can be used in parades, proms, etc

Shipping included to your door by a licensed, bonded and insured auto transport company that I have used for many years with no issues or you are welcome to fly into the Palm Springs International Airport and I will pick you up and you can drive this gem home and enjoy a little vacation!! I would not hesitate to have my daughter or wife drive this cross country!! If you choose this route I will pay up to $1000 towards your travel expenses to get to me to pick up the car in person in beautiful Palm Springs, CA where it averages 95 degrees in June and with the a/c on in these temperatures, the A/C in this car will freeze you!! Either of these options are only available if Buy It Now is used. Partial trades and cash also considered, let me know what you have.

Price is a Buy it Now of $99,999 (reduced $30K from $129,999) to sell immediately and included to your door ENCLOSED shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states. There is not a nicer, faster, more sophisticated car available for under $200K!! Car is very smooth and easy to drive. Your wife could drive it and enjoy it too!! No taxes, document fees, or games like other charge, collect, and play. This car will sell, don’t miss out, you will never find another like it in this condition with such amazing upgrades. No expenses spared on this car from top to bottom, and front to back. It was built to keep forever. Everything functions like it is supposed to. Message me with your phone # and we can discuss. I will also consider partial trades and cash….

In my 25+ years in the automotive business, I have rarely seen, owned, or driven a nicer built and well vehicle that is so fantastically built and taken care of. I have owned over 1000 Mustangs, Shelby’s, Big Block’s, Boss’s, Pantera’s, Saleen’s, Corvette’s, Camaros, Roush’s, Cobra’s. Lightning’s etc, mostly collector models, and rarely see a vehicle (of ANY type) kept in this condition. I am overly fanatical with all my cars. Suspension and steering is smooth and not bouncy or twitchy when driving down the road, or on the freeway and handles like it is on rails. Does not wander when on freeway. This Shelby is appraised and insured for $150K on a collector car policy and it is $985 per year for full coverage and agreed value of $150K. Most insurance companies will do the same for you and insure it as a collector vehicle and it is only going to continue to climb in value if kept in this condition. If you buy the car I can give you my agents # to insure for you also. Be sure to check out my other auctions for my Mustang GT convertible that I bought new, a 90% original paint 1967 Fairlane 500 Fastback 390 with overdrive transmission, and a 1971 Mustang Fastback that was special ordered new by a Ford executive in Grabber Green (SOLD) with an M code 351C 4V engine and 4 speed toploader, competition suspension, traction lock, Magnum 500’s factory tach, and much more. Click on “View Seller’s Store” to view my other vehicles for sale.

Any questions, please message me and I will respond promptly. I am selling this car to make space for a new Ford GT that I was lucky enough to be chosen to purchase. I have too many cars in my collection, so this one and a few of my other toys must go in order to make space and pay for the new $450K Ford GT which will be a bookend to my 2006 Ford GT. I did a Buy It Now, so you don’t have to bid an and wait, and hope to get it. I get people all the time that email me after they missed something I have listed to let me know if the deal falls through…they will buy….Outright price for my beautiful Shelby is $99,999 if Buy It Now is used. May also take partial trade + cash. Don’t wait for someone else to use Buy It Now and miss it!! No taxes collected by me or any document fees like others charge. Don’t miss this one, you will never find another like it. These are huge differences between this car and every other car available for under $200K. You simply could not duplicate this car even if you did all your own work for what I am selling this for! No expenses were spared. There is $60K+++ just in parts and labor on top of the purchase price. This car has the best of the best and it was well thought out from top to bottom. It was built to keep and everything was done right. It runs, drives, sounds, and performs like a $200K+ Supercar!! Deposit of $500 must be made immediately thru Paypal upon the use of BUY IT NOW and remaining balance due with in 3 days of winning auction. Any questions and/or inspections if wanted must be made BEFORE using BUY IT NOW. Please do not use Buy It Now, or bid unless you already have the money. If you need a loan, have it set up and approved first. You are welcome and encouraged to come and inspect the car or send someone to look at it before buying. I am not a dealer, so no sales tax will be collected by me. I have the MSO (Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin ) that you use to get a title issued in your state or country. You will be the first owner of record as I never titled the car. Car is under bumper to bumper warranty through Ford. Car is sold as is with no warranty by me expressed or implied and no provisions will be made for anything deemed not accurate. I do my best to describe everything to the best of my ability and knowledge. Car will be shipped from Palm Springs, CA 92262 at my expense, or you are welcome to fly into Palm Springs International Airport and I will pick you up, and you can drive this beauty home and I will pay for up to $1000 towards a plane ticket from anywhere… both of these options are ONLY applicable if you use Buy It Now and after car is paid for in full. Must be paid for in full with in 3 days, unless arrangements are made with me before using Buy It Now. Car is currently insured. Car will not leave and MSO will not be sent until car is paid in full (and cleared) with either cash upon pick-up, direct deposit, loan check, or cashier’s check/money order. Feel free to ask any questions and I will answer promptly. I have never had a person purchase a vehicle from me sight unseen that was not thrilled with their purchase!! My 100% positive feedback from those that have purchased from me in the past 13 years clearly reflect this. I reserve the right to end this auction early as the car is advertised on several other sites and publications, so if you want it, use BUY IT NOW before someone else buys it!! If you can not meet these simple requirements, please do not use Buy It Now and waste your time, mine, and others that are serious. If you need more time or have questions about payment, please feel free to message me with your phone # and we can discuss. I am VERY picky with vehicles I choose to deal with and my shop built this for me to keep forever. Unlike re-sellers, I know this car from top to bottom as my shop built it!

Check it out!